Just the way I am.

When we get a fresh cut, the pain is excruciating. But as time goes by, the pain becomes more tolerable… Then soon enough you can’t feel it anymore. Then that cut will just be a scar… Or you could say an old memory. 

As I sit and look at myself, I can see the scar my brother left in my face from 2nd grade. Almost twenty year later, I still see that little scar. I haven’t noticed that scar in ages! I just simply forgot about it.

I believe that’s how I see myself too on the inside, all these scars that were left from me telling myself I was ugly, or worthless… They are still there, but I’ve seen to forgotten about them as well.  

In that healing, I can look at myself now and honestly say, “you’re beautiful, and worthy.” 

I see my battle scars, I don’t let them discourage me anymore, I let them empower me! 


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