When you wear a mask too long, it becomes uncomfortable. As it sits on your face, it begins to perspire. Soon enough as that sweat dries, it becomes moldy and putrid. And when that mold sits, it creates craters on your skin, black heads and cyst. We think its safe under that mask, but its actually deforming you.

Just by taking it off, right then and there I felt a difference. I was able to feel the full effect of the wind against my face. What I thought protected me, really hid me from who I really was and covered me with traits that were irrelevant to the girl I hid.

In other words, when you begin to hide the true you, you allow a door to open that will allow other traits to fall into your persona. And when you take off that mask, you will have to deal with those things that formed.

Like weeding out a garden that hasn’t been taken care of for years. You are going to have to go through the garden and clean it out, in order to produce new and healthy plants.

Take the mask off now, accept that there will be people who will not like you for you. However, also remember that there are people out there who accept you for all that you are. Its better having one person accept you for who you are, than a thousand people who accept you for someone you’re not.

Take off that mask, and find your true identity.

I believe you will find it liberating.


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