Is He Enough?

Is He Enough?

Many kids my age come running to me about their relationship problems, talking about,”how do I know God is telling me someone is right for me”, or “when will God reveal the person who is for me?” It’s difficult for them to trust me on the subject because I am in an amazing relationship, but I know how it feels to hope for, “The One,“ we have all gone through this never ending phase of a want for affection, but we tend to get that longing mixed up…that want is the alarm that God has implanted in you, to want him. You see our flesh tries to make us think we need the things of this world to fulfill that gap, but the only thing that can fill it is JESUS!

People of this world are temporary. You may ask, “Katie,then why does God give us husbands, wives, and important people who help us in our walks? The answer is… We are not set to live for them, we are made to live for God, and in everything we do, we do it to glorify HIM!

1 Corinthians 10:31 “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you dodo it all for the glory of God.”

People are just a mere Blessing, that is given to us from our Father. The Goal isn’t to go to heaven to see family and friends, its to see and be with our FATHER FOR ETERNITY!

“…seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. “ Matthew 6:33

I find myself just telling them, when that person comes along, you will know. But that’s wrong.

A question that pops in my mind is… Is God enough for me? What If me and my boyfriend don’t get married, will I still follow Him? If he called me to beSINGLE, would I still follow him? Am I in love with God, or am I in love with the ridiculous thought that, if I follow God, he will give me the person I’ve been waiting for my whole life, and many more.

The answer is this: He is the person you have been waiting for for your Whole LIFE!!!! Before we think about the people in our walk, we need to look at our walk. Desire him before you even think about someone in this world to share a relationship with

You may be thinking, well maybe I don’t want to live that way…. Then you need to really think back to your testimony, and think about what God did to get you out of it. He loved you, when you felt no one did. He never left your side through that rough storm, he endured that pain with you, and cried with you when you felt hurt and alone. He is the man who has loved you all along…so why would you want to replace someone like that for someone who can’t even amount to someone as great as OUR Father!?

We all need to evaluate ourselves…Is God enough for me? I know for me, sometimes I feel he isn’t, but then I have to look back at how much he did for me, and then I see his Son, and my heart becomes soft and open again.

EVALUATE Yourself. Is He Enough?


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