He knows me.

In a time of loss and confusion, I pushed Him away. I felt Him tug at me and encourage me but I pushed Him away. Now I am looking for something that will just fill this gapping hole directly in the center of my chest. Maybe I’ll find it in Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube. I felt content for a temporary amount of time, but that soon faded. I would lay in my bed, and every part of me was screaming out the answer I needed. And I pushed it away.

I would go to people for their comfortable and encouraging words. However, just like what happened with Facebook, I was left empty. I was beginning to become an addict to media and ventured off to find affirmation with words of this world. At the end of the day I was left in my bed again with my soul screaming at me. And my thoughts hollered,”Someone Help Me!”

His voice calmly spoke to me, a song I once listened to. “Come out of hiding, your safe here with me. You don’t have to hide the things I already see…” Tears poured from my eyes, my chest tightened. After all those attempts to find something that would fill the hole that I created in my chest. I felt healing. I felt safe. I felt loved.


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