As I lay in bed, I found myself restless. I’ve been under some stress recently and I feel I have not surrendered it to God. When I finally realized this, I began to feel a tug on my chest, I feel as if I’ve been numb to feelings, but then I began to tear up… God spoke to me about a sermon I spoke on Thursday…even in our times of struggles, begin to speak truth to ourselves. Feed your mind what it needs. My mind does not need isolation. My mind should not be deprived of food, and buried away. It needs to be exposed, it needs to be cared for. When I allow myself to grab hold of this truth, I find that God seems closer to me, as if keeping these things inside pushed him away. Vulnerability is the key to change. Vulnerability is the key to a working relationship. God always comes through to remind me of his truths, and promises. I am amazed by His love…


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