I am.

|| Morning Devotions ||
– I am. –
“I am” is a statement of being. It is an affirmation of a perceived state. It is not the truth; rather, it is a declaration of perception.
“I am cold” does not mean your body is cold. It is a statement that your body, which is always warm, perceives coldness.
“I am unloveable” is a statement that you perceive a lack of love. It is not the truth of who you are. As my divine expression, you are love and therefore always loveable.

This day, remember that your “I am” declarations are only your perceived state, which is not always the same as the truth. The truth is that you are loved, blessed, limitless, and abundant.
This reminds me of a time when I was in school, and I was having a very discouraging time, and I sincerely wanted to give up, I believed I wasn’t strong, smart, or capable of even one day being a leader, I was just down in the dumps. And I remember I was sitting in class, feeling alone, and Fred stepped out to see what was going on. I began to weep and pour out all my problems to Fred. I spoke about who I thought I was, and what he said to me was simple, and heart wrenching. “Who does God say you are? You’re a Daughter of Christ, and everything you say you are, is not matching with the truth.” Those words have stuck with me, and I am reminded of them every time I doubt myself, and the purpose God has given me.

***Today, let us align our “I am” statements with the truth.”

and Thank you Fred! 🙂

#devotions #Truth #Godisgoodmyfriends


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