The Pattern

The Pattern

To my dear child of anguish

It was not me who punished

To my dear child of tears

It is I who takes away your fears

Do you hear me my child of doubt?

Wasn’t it I who flourished your drought?

I ask of you again to come to me

I can indeed again set you free!

The chains that hold you, can you see

That you are the one who holds the key

I will remind you again and again

Just like I told you when all the world began

I will not leave you to suffer

The pain you feel, I will buffer

Don’t you know the stripes on my back

Are they ones you will be able to lack

It was I who suffered the greatest suffering

So you would know, you were the one I was covering.

Sadly, you must suffer on this world

But, there will be a day where it will not be twirled

And just as I promised, I will come back

All sin will cease, and there will be no more black.


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